May 24, 2017
Status Location Gross Description
1. Ulster County (Kingston area) (listing #313) $450K
Long established, 3 ops, rent $1,500 per month, mostly PPO's, asking $250K
2. Staten Island (listing #435) $500K
Long established busy PPO practice, 3 ops, 50% net income, digital x-ray, rent $2,625 per month, relocating out of state, asking $350K
3. Available Now Westchester (northern) (listing #338) $575K
Beautiful and state-of-the-art, 4 ops, FFS/PPO, digital panorex, attractive strip mall location, relocating out of state, asking, $485K
4. Available Now Rockland County (listing #429) $385K
Spacious 4 operatory office, PPO/FFS, rent $2,700 per month, nets $240K, digital x-ray, retiring, asking $295K
5. Available Now Dutchess County (listing #439) $275K
Long establsihed, 3 ops, rent $1,667 per month, mostly PPO, retiring, asking $175K
6. Sale Pending Westchester (lower) (listing #431) $1.2M
Traditional strong fee-for-service practice in modern facility, rent $2,285 per month, 4 ops, nets over $500K, Dexis digital and Dentrix, retiring, asking $935K
7. Sale Pending Brooklyn Heights (listing #430) $650K
MERGER, long established. FFS/PPOs, 35-40 patients per week, 40 hygiene patients per week, digital x-ray, seller will merge practice in to your practice and then phase out. asking $450K
8. Sale Pending Suffolk County (western) (listing #428) $400K
Long established, seller retiring, 2 ops, digital x-ray, FFS/PPO's, many patients, all endo and OS referred out, asking $285K
9. Sale Pending Staten Island (listing #421) $600K
Busy insurance practice, 6 ops, hi traffic area, seller retiring, asking $395K
10. Sale Pending Manhattan - E. 50's (listing #422) $667K
Mostly PPO's, 3 ops, modern, rent $5,140 per month, digital x-ray, 4 days per week, asking $535K
11. Sale Pending Manhattan - Lower E. Side (listing #387) $507K
Modern storefront, 4 ops, semi-absentee, PPO/Medicaid plans, asking $275K
12. SOLD Manhattan - Midtown (listing #411) $740K
Prosthodontic, fee-for-service, 3 ops, rent $8,000 per month, digital x-ray, long established, retiring, asking $575K
13. SOLD Queens (Jackson Hts.) (listing #418) $571K
Storefront in great location, established for 50 years, hi net income, 3 ops (room for 4), mostly PPO/union, nets 45%, asking $435K
14. SOLD Rockland County (listing #415) $400K
Beautiful and modern, mostly PPO, 4 ops, rent $3,400, digital x-ray, all endo sent out, asking $295K
15. SOLD Rockland County (listing #391) $235K
Long established, 3 ops, mostly PPO's, centrally located professional building, many patients, asking $165K