November 29, 2015
Status Location Gross Description
1. Available Now Manhattan - Lower E. Side (listing #387) $507K
Modern storefront, 4 ops, semi-absentee, PPO/Medicaid plans, asking $275K
2. Available Now Rockland County (southern) (listing #382) $220K
Long established, 2 ops, rent $1,500 per month, mostly fee for service, most endo and perio referred out, seller retiring, asking $145K
3. Available Now Dutchess County (listing #384) $460K
Mostly PPO, 4 ops, rent $2,094, long established, digital x-ray, asking $325K
4. Available Now Dutchess County (listing #375) $950K
Beautiful and state-of-the-art, fee-for service, 5 ops, practice in style, retiring, will stay for transition, asking $735K
5. Available Now Putnam/Westchester border (listing #374) $507K
Mostly Fee-for-service, not much competition, very busy, modern, rent $3,000 per month or buy building, asking $395K for building and $395K for practice.
6. Available Now Queens/Nassau border (listing #369) $351K
Solid middle class neighborhood, long established, PPO/FFS, 3 ops, busy street location, dentist retiring, asking $275K
7. Available Now Manhattan (E. 100's- lower) (listing #388) $870K
Up and coming area, 5 ops, storefront location, rent $3,700 per month, PPO's/Unions, 3.5 days, modern and digital, nets 45%. Asking $695K
8. Available Now Suffolk County (North Shore) (listing #378) $320K
Mostly fee-for-service, rent $2,100, 3 ops, long established, retiring, asking $165K
9. Sale Pending Suffolk/Nassau Border (S. Shore) (listing #304) $540K
Attractive 3 operatory office in highly visible location, mostly PPO, digital x-ray, rent $3,000 per month, dentist retiring, asking $335K
10. Sale Pending Manhattan (E. 80/90's) (listing (#377) $407K
Very nice long established neighborhood practice, 3 ops, rent $2,646, PPO/FFS, all endo and most OS out, retiring, asking $305K
11. SOLD Westchester (central) (listing #376) $560K
Fee-for-service, 3 ops (5 plumbed), rent $2,500, busy location, excellent town, hi net income, very expandable, retiring, asking $325K
12. SOLD Manhattan (Midtown) (listing #373) $900K
4 ops, mostly PPO, digital, long established, good transition, asking $695K
13. SOLD Manhattan (E. 60's) (listing #360) $800K
PROSTHODONTIST, Fee-for-service, merge into your practice, seller will phase out, asking $575K
14. SOLD Manhattan (Gramercy Park) (listing #367) $1M
Fee-for-service, 3 modern ops, digital X-ray, Dentrix, rent $3,500 per month, hi net income, good transition, asking $835K.
15. SOLD Yonkers (listing #336) $606K
Modern with high net income, mostly FFS, digital and Dentrix, 3 ops, selling practice and building together. Potential for good rental income in building. Asking $375K for practice and $399K for building. Seller VERY MOTIVATED!!!